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Terminal Berkeley Denizen

Ich bin wirklich ein Berliner!

Jeffrey, Jeff, or Jeffy
12 August
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Jeffrey Jeffrey Jeffrey! My name is Jeffrey. (Or Jeff, or Jeffy...) No, I am not 4. I'm older than that. I'm a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as a veteran of the underground scenes of the 80's. (I still wear all black. What does that mean? It means I have to be careful crossing the street at night.) I also write. I have had a novel, The Falling Circle, published with Ad Astrea Press. I'm also currently learning to speak German. Mein Deutsch ist nicht schlect, aber es ist auch noch lustig! :)

My all-German LJ is here. (Meine alle-deutsche LJ):


My very first novel is an urban drama about inner city life, or more accurately, what it's like to be a gutter punk. It's an example of some of my earlier work, and was once published by a now defunct publishing house in Oakland. It's available as a free download here:


How Your Friends are Obsessed with Livejournal

jblaque can no longer see out of right eye because always reading friends list.

sherrila? Is also cheetahrob and drspiff!

mixed_metaphor is also stalking you under another name. We're just not sure which one yet...

pavel_lishin links LJ to 15 other sites, 5 of which are unaware of this...

princegold has done every meme that's ever existed on LJ

lahermite is currently unaware of any other sites on the internets

dabroots has declared war on Facebook and MySpace as a show of loyalty

alice_curiouser has bought a permanent account for alice_curiouser and three other aliases...

pinkpixyearth only wears Livejournal related clothes, which is difficult as they really don't make that much wearable products

talyesin not only keeps up with friendslist, but is also stalking all of those friend in real life! (In fact, if you look out your window, you will probably see talyesin hiding in your bushes right now!)

How Your Friends are Obsessed with Livejournal
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